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b. 1986, HK.

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About MSvB

Our story, our background, our passion

What I love most are stories. Every person and every business has a story. They make us unique and they give us meaning and purpose. It has been and continues to be my greatest joy, to work with businesses who trust us with their stories. Learning about the story and translating it online is what we do and love.
— Marie-Sophie von Bibra, Founder MSVB Online Consulting

MSVB Online Consulting started as a passion project. While working at a fashion startup in London, I was lucky enough to get in touch with a great and inspiring Italian fashion company, whose creations are entirely handmade by masters of their crafts in Italy. Their collection is truly 'Made in Italy', in its rawest and most beautiful form. What they needed, was someone to help them translate the fascinating story they had onto a website in order to spread the word. I couldn't have wished for a better story and project, that would get me started with my own business.

I have always been fascinated by all types of craftsmanship, the skills that are needed for hands to create or work on a product. I have always loved to be crafty myself and over time, I became increasingly aware of the inspiring stories that each handmade product holds, as it becomes so closely connected to the story of its creator.
Studying business and working with e-commerce companies brought me closer to another passion of mine: the power and beauty of online marketing. Yes, beauty. It might seem like a strange word in this context but I will explain.

As explained above, I love beautiful and fascinating 'offline' products and unique stories of people and businesses. Working in the digital world, I saw the incredible potential of how online stories from all over the world are shared and the kind of connections that can be made when digital tools are used correctly. The combination of both these passions, was the foundation for my business.

With every new project we have, I am more convinced of the mission we have at MSVB Online Consulting: helping businesses of any size and nature to share their unique story and identity in the most fitting and inspiring way online.

Marie-Sophie von Bibra, Founder MSVB Online Consulting



At MSVB Online Consulting, I am involved in every project we have. Our approach is all about working closely together with the business and combining our expertise of online marketing with the deep knowledge and understanding of their business. We are able to offer a service that covers all aspects of online marketing and brand management:
We start by sitting down with you to hear about your business, your story, your vision, your goal and your challenges. From here on, we create a concept, we implement, we manage but we also maintain.

One of the biggest problems with web design and online marketing to me, was that companies that offer those services, would carry out the job, without explaining to the clients what or how things were being done, and once the job was completed, the client was left abandoned. In this process, the client did not learn anything more about this new digital side of his business and was simply left to now manage a website on his own.

We do the exact opposite and we love doing it this way. We work with you every step of the way. We want you to understand and learn about your new digital strategy but we are also happy to manage it for you once it is implemented. There is nothing worse, than a website that has not been updated in over 2 months. Customers will know, that this is simply not an important channels for the company.

The most important characteristics of MSVB Online Consulting are passion, dedication and the ability to listen. Me and my team of web designers, graphic designers, marketing experts and story-enthusiasts welcome every new project with new enthusiasm and we look forward to hearing your story!


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