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MSVB Online Consulting offers businesses the opportunity to create the perfect online presence. Every business has different values that define its unique offer and it is our aim to work together with you to understand those values in order to create your online identity. 


What we do for our clients

and what we can do for you


Your website is your main tool of communication to reach existing and potential new customer online. It therefore has to be the natural extension of your brand online. Looking at your website has to transport the same feeling to a customer that you also transmit in your regular offline business.
We take a look at your existing website and evaluate its potential. We then develop a concept as to how the website design, image language, functionality, content and organisation can be adapted and improved in order to make the website the extension and expression of your identity. If you do not have a website, we help you to create a new website in line with your existing branding, philosophy and goals.


Creating an online shop is all about functionality, presentation of information and the best buying experience for your customer.
We evaluate your existing online shop or help you create a brand new e-commerce channel. Every step of the customer journey within your new online shop will be harmonised to the nature of your product and to the core values of your business and product. Adapting the logistics, setting up payment methods and optimising the customer journey are all part of this implementation. 


In addition to your website, social media offers you the opportunity to reach even more customers on various channels as well as creating a personification of your brand. Through a strategically planned social media concept, we help you to select the appropriate channels (not every business needs to be active on every social media channel) and to create a concept as to how your brand should be presented on social media. We also offer content creation, maintenance and support in order to create an active channel that serves as communication and positioning tool.


Creating a stronger bond with your customers will lead to increased traffic, orders or visits in your actual store. Sending regular newsletters informing your customers about what is new with your brand, new products or other related information, involves the customer in what is happening. It creates a sense of community that can be improved even further when the newsletter content is synchronised with your website and social media content.
We develop a sustainable newsletter concept for you, in line with your overall goals


Finding the right blogger and influencer to match and truly benefit your brand is becoming more and more challenging. We help you in the process of sourcing and contacting bloggers that are suitable for your brand and goals, based on their reach, followership, target audience and content philosophy. Working with bloggers and influencers is a valuable extension of your brand where they get to function as ambassadors. Selecting the right ones is as crucial as finding the right way to present the content and working closely together is the only key to success.


Images, information and general content is what makes your website and any other channel of communication come to life. With our dedicated team of graphic designers we evaluate your existing design language and explore ideas and concept in order to create the perfect content for your brand. Whether this is content for your website, social media channels, ad campaigns or newsletter, it is crucial to be aware and focused on how you want your brand to be perceived. Any content you communicate is part of this perception. We help you to create a strong branded content in line with your overall goals.


Ranking high on search engines is key to gaining more and improved visibility. While creating or improving your website, SEO optimization is part of the design and content creation process, as every text has to be adapted for this purpose. In order to start a successful SEO strategy, we will work together with you to identify the key brand values that you want to be known for. Those will become the guiding principles and the ultimate goals for your SEO optimization. 


A website needs to be alive, which means that to a customer there is nothing worse than a website that has not changed or has not been updated in weeks or months. Keeping your website and other channels alive next to your core business is a time-consuming and somewhat overwhelming task. We help you to achieve just that. Through regular meetings and updates you involve us in what is happening with your brand and we make sure this information continuously makes it to your other channels. Content creation, copy writing, image editing, we help you with all aspects of maintaining your strong online identity.


Whether it is organising an event, a marketing strategy, a pop-up store or any other branding initiative, we are here to help. Based on our philosophy that we want to understand your brand and its values and build on that understanding, we are excited to delve deeper into what can be done to make your brand even more successful. Our work might start with your online strategy but certainly doesn't have to end there. We are happy to explore new concepts, new formats and new opportunities where we can continue to bring your identity to life and to help you reach more potential customers.


Contact us to get started with the development and concept for your unique online identity.