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A few simple steps 

to your individual online concept

1. Get in touch with us and tell us your story

Do you need a new website or want to improve your old website? Do you want to start a newsletter? Or do you have other ideas but no time to implement them or you are not sure how to start? 

Contact us today and tell us your story, your ideas, your dreams. We look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you with answers and the option for a first call or meeting to discuss everything. 


2. Your individual concept for free

Once you have told us your story and if you are interesting in hearing our ideas, we will create an individual concept for you, free of charge. This concept will include a first interpretation of how we perceive your brand (as we are new to your brand at this point, we will give you the opinion of a potential new customer, which is the perfect base for improvement), which channels we would suggest you use or start using and which improvements and steps we would be able to implement for you. Together with our individual concept, you will also receive a first cost analysis.
We can guarantee, that our cost analysis will always offer you the fairest value as we believe that every business, no matter how big or small needs to have access to the right online expertise without having to brave high costs.


3. Time to get started

We discuss the concept and its steps and the cost with you in order to find the perfect approach that suits you and you brand and us and our philosophy. After having completed this steps, we can get started.
Transparency, regular updates and a realistic timeline are key to how we work. We will inform you about the progress, ask for feedback, get your opinion and give you regular updates. This way we can make sure that already in this process the new channels start to feel normal to you and your team. 


4. The finished product and what comes next 

The exciting thing about any online channel: it will never be finished! This is a challenge and an opportunity and to us this step only means that we have brought the channels up-to-date from a technical standpoint. The website will now work as it should, the social media channels will be launched and the content production guidelines have been established. This will be the moment where you can announce to your existing customers that there are some exciting new ways for them to interact with your brand. After all, that is always the ultimate goal, to get your customer to interact with your brand as much as possible. 
What comes next, is up to you. If you have the resources within your team to continue the maintenance of your newly established channels, we will give you all the relevant information in a detailed handover. If you do not have the resources or ability to do that, we are more than happy to continue working with you. Regular updates and meetings and the continuous optimization of your channels are our main priority. 

Our concept is about helping any kind of business starting and improving
their online presence. The key for us is close collaboration, a high level of dedication
and realistic cost. We love offering the possibility of long-term relationships,
as we do not want to abandon our clients once their websites are done.
— Marie-Sophie von Bibra, Founder MSVB Online Consulting

You want to know more about us, our expertise and our motivation? We are happy to tell you our story!